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Emmicki Roos Appointed to NATO Advisory Panel on Women, Peace, and Security

In an unprecedented initiative, NATO is establishing a mechanism to secure dialogue with civil society on its policy on women, peace and security. 1325 Policy Group is happy to announce that its Executive Director, Emmicki Roos will serve as a member of the panel advising the alliance.

The newly established mechanism to facilitate the dialogue has been named the Civil Society Advisory Panel on Women, Peace and Security. The Panel will meet regularly with the Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security, Ambassador Marriët Schuurman, as well as other NATO staff.  The purpose is to provide feedback on, and input to, NATO’s work to implement the Women, Peace and Security agenda. Through its insights and recommendations the Panel will become an important asset to NATO’s work to move this agenda forward.

Civil society organisations will have a voice to also hold NATO to account and improve its work in this area. The results will be shared and discussed across NATO’s Secretariat and command structures, including units which are engaged in integrating gender perspectives in areas such as building defence capacity, integrity of armed forces, training, curbing the illicit use of small arms and light weapons, combatting terrorism and violent extremisms, and other areas. The results of discussions with the Civil Society Advisory Panel and its recommendations will also be shared with Allied and partner nations.

NATO news release 31 May 2016

By establishing the panel NATO seeks to engage in more systematic and regular dialogue with civil society in the area of women, peace and security. The Alliance seeks to draw upon the valuable expertise and insights many civil society organisations and individual experts have developed in the area.

“Through the feedback and recommendations from civil society we hope to enhance the implementation of the Policy on Women Peace and Security NATO’s 28 Allies and 27 Partners have adopted in 2014. Thereby, we wish to strengthen NATO’s contribution to the international community’s implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325 and related resolutions adopted by the Security Council,” Ambassador Schuurman stated in her letter to the invited parties.

The Civil Society Advisory Panel has two groups: a Core Group of civil society experts participating in their own capacity and a group of CSOs, that each select one person to represent their organization on the panel. Emmicki Roos will serve as a member of the Core Group. The first annual meeting will be held in mid-October 2016.

The 1325 Policy Group Team

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