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Happy International Day of Peace!

As war and fagility have been on the increase in the past year with intensified fighting in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Syria, Libya, and Central African Republic etc, it is more important than ever to discuss peaceful solutions to conflict. For International Day of Peace on the 21st of September, 1325 Policy Group took part the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders global Women Speak out for Peace Campaign. The campaign aims to change the dominant image of women in media’s coverage of war and conflict from that of victims, into agents of change, peacebuilders and decision-makers. The campaign brought together women and men, boys and girls from around the world, who spoke out for peace. In addition, peace and human rights activists from over 30 countries sent out messages about women’s role in peacebuilding , recontruction, and nation building in traditional and social media outlets.

1325 Policy Group is happy to have taken part in the campaign and wish you all a happy International Day of Peace!

The 1325 Policy Group Team


(Picture: U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv)


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